Deadline: November 1, 2018 

Presentation Formats

Rapid Data Presentations:

Consist of 10-minute (maximum) presentations

Submissions must include the title, author(s), presenting author, abstract, including results, and graphs in APA (6th edition) format.  Submit all of the above to the following email address:

The conference planning committee will assign individual papers to rapid data sessions by topic.  In order to keep presentations under 10 minutes, presenters will be given a presentation template to follow.  The committee will do its best to group submissions by topic.  In the event that a submission does not seem to fit with the topics assigned, the individual may be asked to submit the presentation as a poster.


Posters:  Posters are concise, visual displays of research methods and results that are presented as part of a poster session.  Authors must be prepared to describe their research and answer questions during poster viewing sessions.

Two formats for displaying posters are offered.  You may bring with you a tri-fold cardboard display that can stand up on a table top (wall space for hanging posters will not be available), or you may choose to present your work via a digital poster.  Digital posters will be 5-min power point presentations, with each slide displaying for 15 s, for a maximum of 20 slides.  The presentation will automatically replay at the end of the 5 min.  You will need to provide your own laptop or iPad.  The digital poster template for poster presentations will be available for download on the CABAS®website (

Submit title, abstract, graphs, and presentation format choice to the following email address:



Consist of 20-minute paper presentations

The symposia for this year’s conference are invitation-only.  Please consider rapid data or poster formats.


Exhibitors:  Schools, learning centers, organizations, or others who would like to present their programs, recruit employees, or sell products may reserve a table or multiple tables to do so.  You may choose to do a poster presentation (tri-fold, stand-alone format required), a digital poster (see above under poster options), or a 5-min video to present your program.  If you choose the digital poster or video option, you will need to provide your own laptop or iPad for display.  Please see poster submission format options above for more information.

$300.00 per table


Please reserve your exhibit space by contacting the conference planning committee at the following address:


For questions about the submission process, please email us at:


Proposals must be received by November 1, 2018


Stay tuned for conference registration information!